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Configuring XSLT Mediation with Xalan

When Xalan is selected instead of Saxon for the XSLT message transformation, it does not support the ends-with() function that was used in the XSLT transformation.

You may encounter an error similar to the following.

TID: [36] [] [2021-06-08 21:41:47,551] ERROR {org.apache.synapse.mediators.transform.XSLTMediator} - Fatal error occurred in stylesheet parsing. ; Line#: 91; Column#: 60
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Could not find function: ends-with
 at org.apache.xpath.compiler.XPathParser.error(
 at org.apache.xpath.compiler.XPathParser.FunctionCall(
 at org.apache.xpath.compiler.XPathParser.PrimaryExpr(

This issue can be resolved by using the below system parameter.

-Djavax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl \