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See the topics in the following sections for details and instructions.

Integration Use Cases

Learn about the main integration capabilities of the Micro Integrator of WSO2 API Manager. You can also follow the tutorials on each of these use cases to gain hands-on knowledge.

Message Routing Explore how messages are routed to different endpoints.
Message Transformation Explore how messages are transformed into different formats.
Data Integration Explore how data from various sources are used during message mediation.
File Processing Explore how data from file systems are moved and used during message mediation.
SaaS and B2B Connectivity Explore how to integrate with third-party systems using WSO2 connectors.
Service Orchestration Explore how multiple Restful services are exposed as a single course-grained service.
Enterprise Messaging Explore asynchronous messaging patterns using message brokers.
Scheduled Integration Processes Explore how integration processes are scheduled and executed periodically.
Protocol Switching Explore how message protocols are changed during message mediation.

Integration Tutorials

Learn how to implement various integration use cases, deploy them in the Micro Integrator, and test them locally.

Integration Examples

Message Routing
Message Transformation
Asynchronous Messaging
  • RabbitMQ Examples
  • JMS Examples
  • Protocol Switching
    File Processing
    Data Integration
    Examples of Components