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Creating a Datasource

Follow the instructions given below to create a new Datasource connection in WSO2 Integration Studio.


Follow the steps given below to create the datasource file:

  1. Select the already created Datasource Config module in the project navigator, right-click, and go to New -> Datasource.

    The New Datasource window will open as shown below.

  2. Select your datasource config module as the Container, add the file name for your datasource, and click Finish.

A datasource file will now be created in your datasource config module. Shown below is the sample configuration that is created. You can now update the values in this configuration.

    <description>MySQL Connection</description>
    <jndiConfig useDataSourceFactory="false">
    <definition type="RDBMS">


You can generate dataservices for the created datasource. For more information, you can follow the steps given in Generate Data Services.