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Running the Micro Integrator Dashboard

Follow the steps given below to run the WSO2 Micro Integrator runtime and its monitoring Dashboard.

Before you begin

Follow the steps given below before you start.

  1. Download and install the servers:

  2. Set up the Micro Integrator:

    1. Open the deployment.toml file (stored in the <MI_HOME>/conf/ folder) of the Micro Integrator, and add the following configuration.

      dashboard_url = "https://localhost:9743/dashboard/api/"
      heartbeat_interval = 5
      group_id = "mi_dev"
      node_id = "dev_node_2"
    2. Be sure to change the host and port number of the dashboard_url in the above configuration if you have changed the default host and port for the dashboard.


    See the section on configuring the MI servers for the dashboard for more information.

  3. Start the Micro Integrator.

Configuring Single Sign-on with OpenID Connect

Before you begin

  • This is an optional configuration that you can do to enable Single Sign-On for the Micro Integrator Dashboard. By default, the Micro Integrator Dashboard uses the Micro Integrator user store for authentication.
  • See the documentation of your preferred Identity provider for instructions on setting up OpenID Connect.
  • This feature was tested with WSO2 IS 5.10.0 and Shibboleth 4.1.2. There may be compatibility issues when using other vendors.

Follow the steps given below to connect the Micro Integrator Dashboard to your Identity provider.

  1. Open the deployment.toml file stored in the <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/conf/ directory.
  2. Add the following configurations and update the required values.

    enable = true
    client_id = "8e4uDF4ewc2aEa"
    base_url = "https://localhost:9443"
    jwt_issuer = "https://localhost:9443/oauth2/token"
    resource_server_URLs = ["https://localhost:9743"]
    sign_in_redirect_URL = "https://localhost:9743/sso"

    Parameters used above are explained below.

    Parameter Desciption
    enable Use this paramater to enable Single Sign-On.
    client_id The client ID generated from the Identity Provider.
    base_url The URL of the Identity Provider.
    jwt_issuer The Identity Provider's issuer identifier.
    resource_server_URLs The URL of the Micro Integrator Dashboard.
    sign_in_redirect_URL The Sign In redirect URL of the Micro Integrator Dashboard.

See the complete list of parameters you can configure for the single sign-on.

Starting the dashboard server

Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open a command prompt as explained below.

    On Linux/macOS Establish an SSH connection to the server, log on to the text Linux console, or open a terminal window.
    On Windows Click Start >Run, type cmd at the prompt, and then press Enter.

  2. Navigate to the <MI-DASHBOARD_HOME>/bin folder from your command line.

  3. Execute one of the commands given below.

    === "On macOS/Linux"

    === "On Windows"

Accessing the dashboard

Once you have started the dashboard server:

  1. Access the dashboard using the following URL:


    login form for monitoring dashboard

  2. Enter the following details to sign in:

    Username The user name to sign in.

    Note: This should be a valid username that is saved in the Micro Integrator server's user store. By default, the 'admin' user name is configured in the default user store.

    See configuring user stores for information.
    Password The password of the user name. By default, 'admin' is the user name and password.

  3. Be sure that the Micro Integrator servers are already configured and started before you sign in.

See the Micro Integrator Dashboard documentation for information on the dashboard's capabilities and how to use them.

Stopping the dashboard server

To stop the dashboard standalone application, go to the terminal and press Ctrl+C.