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DB Event Inbound Endpoint Overview

Data is the most valuable asset in any business. Almost every cooperate system has an on-premise or cloud-based data storage facility. When the individual systems in a particular business are integrated together, sometimes they are coupled via database systems. For an example, one system can write data, while another system reads and processes them. In such instances, the systems may want to know if there are any changes to the data being performed by external parties or systems.

Hence, for an enterprise integration platform it is a useful feature to be able to generate events based on the data changes. DB Event Inbound Endpoint is the DB event listener for the integration runtime of WSO2. You can configure it with any popular Database systems such as MySQL and Oracle etc.

To see the DB Event Inbound Endpoint, navigate to the connector store and search for "Event". DB Event Listener is the name of the connector that has this functionality.

DB Event Listener Store


Connector Version Supported product versions
1.0.4 APIM 4.0.0, EI 7.1.0, EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.5.0, EI 6.4.0, EI 6.1.1

For older versions, see the details in the connector store.

DB Event Inbound Endpoint

How to contribute

As an open source project, WSO2 extensions welcome contributions from the community.

To contribute to the code for this connector, create a pull request in the following repository.

Check the issue tracker for open issues that interest you. We look forward to receiving your contributions.