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Install Micro Integrator for VS Code

This page walks you through how to get started with the Micro Integrator for VS Code extension by installing it.

Installation Prerequisites

  • Download and install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) version 11 or 17.

  • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable in the system settings.


    For more information on setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable for different operating systems, see the Install and Setup documentation.

  • Download and install Apache Maven (version 3.6.0 onwards).

  • Set the path for Apache Maven in the system's PATH environment variable.

!!! info For more information on installing Apache Maven, see the Apache Maven documentation.

Install the MI VS Code extension

Follow one of the following two options to install the MI VS Code extension.

Option 1

  1. Go to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.
  2. Click Install to install the Micro Integrator extension.

Option 2

  1. Open the VS Code editor.
  2. Click the Extensions icon in the Activity Bar of the VS Code.


  3. Type "Micro Integrator" in the search bar.

  4. Press Enter to search.
  5. Among the results, find the Micro Integrator extension.
  6. Click Install to install the MI for VS Code extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.


When the extension is activated correctly, the WSO2 icon appears on the Activity Bar of the VS Code editor.

MI VS Code Extension

What's Next?

See Developing Your First Integration Solution Using MI for VS Code to build a sample integration scenario.