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About this Release

What's new in this release?

The following features and improvements were introduced with Micro Integrator 4.2.0:

JDK 17 support

You can now run Micro Integrator with JDK 17.

ELK Support

Micro Integrator now has the support for publishing operational analytics to Elastic Stack.

Enable logs without server restart

You can now enable/disable correlation logs whenever needed (without a restart) to troubleshoot runtime issues.

Registry artifact view for MI Dashboard and Management API

A new view has been added to the Micro Integrator Dashboard to view the content in the registry. REST API resources have been added to the Management API of the runtime to facilitate the functionalities of fetching existing registry data, adding new registry resources, and modifying and deleting existing resources.

Search capability for MI Management API/Dashboard

Search functionality has been added to the MI Dashboard and MI Management API.

Removed features and functionalities

These features are unsupported and removed from WSO2 Micro Integrator 4.2.0 onwards.

  • JDK 8 support is removed.

Fixed issues

Known issues